Imperatives for a Successful Data-preneur

Imperatives for a Successful Data-preneur

Do you have it in you?

If you are a data scientist keen on juicing enormous amounts of data to build a better tomorrow, you are at the right place. This article will help you embark on your journey to become a successful data-preneur. Let us begin with understanding the skills and traits you need to get started.

Must-haves Skills/Traits for a data-preneur

  1. Tools and Coding Skills
    In order to succeed in your projects, you need to have the right tools and coding skills on the right platforms/languages under your belt. For instance, a sample set of skills you should possess may be:
    • Programming languages, such as R, Python or SAS
    • Database skills on RDBMS (e.g. MySQL, Oracle, MSSQL Server) & NoSQL DB’s (e.g. MongoDB, CouchBase)
    • Big Data & ETL tools, such as Hadoop Mahout stack etc.
  2. Reusable Frameworks or ComponentsYour speed of delivery brings you an edge over the competitors. To this end, your personal library of reusable components & framework can shorten the lifespan of a project, help the client get a quicker delivery and in turn, earns you the reputation as an expert.
  3. Theoretical Subject-Matter Expertise
    This represents your skills related to:
    • Conceptual understanding of statistics, pattern recognition, Machine Learning, NLP, AI etc.
    • Ability to convert mathematical concepts & algorithms into working programs
  4. Domain-specific experienceNot essential to begin with, but a huge plus if you have in-depth expertise in few business domains. This will narrow down your marketing focus and help you build a niche offering for yourselves.
  5. Communication & Networking SkillsTo grow any business, access to the right people and your ability to carry out the right conversations with them are two vital elements. Whereas your communication and networking skills are the crucial traits, platforms like Cogniticx will help you reach your prospects in a much easier way.
  6. CreativityAs a data-preneur, you need to exhibit creativity in several aspects of your work. Whether it’s about creating winning sales pitches, explaining your proposals, or creating the most useful reporting dashboards to help generate the desired business insight, your creativity plays an important role at every step of your journey.

What Do You Need Beyond the Skills?

  • A polished & rehearsed sales pitch, a proposal template (customizable), your rate card, case studies demonstrating your experience in sufficient detail, and a can-do attitude to win the difficult prospects
  • A business model, describing the constituent People, Processes, Technologies along with the projected expenses and revenues. Of course, the revenue model is a vital element as well.

Cogniticx – Don’t Worry, We’ve Got Your Back!

Cogniticx helps you act as the starting point to your journey. Cogniticx is a platform built for data-preneurs and it connects the prospects with the most relevant data-preneurs and facilitates the end-to-end transactions, delivering a fulfilling experience for the client and the data-preneur, both.

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