How to Build a Perfect World Predictions for the Future and the Impact of Artificial Intelligence

How to Build a Perfect World Predictions for the Future and the Impact of Artificial Intelligence

The definition of Artificial Intelligence has changed drastically over the decades from being described as any task that has been performed by a program or a machine, AI systems have typically emerged to immulate some or many behaviours demonstrated by the human intelligence like planning, learning, problem solving and reasoning, perception, motion, manipulation and are now progressing towards creativity and social activities. With tremendous potential, AI can prove instrumental in creating new employment opportunities, it can improve the quality of life by automating tasks.

Some noteworthy emerging trends in AI to look out for are:

  1. The future for data-scientists: Tech giant IBM predicts that the rise in AI will create a huge demand for data-scientists, as machine- learning AI systems use probability for determining an answer/ decision for a given problem. More data will help these machines make better predictions. Companies will hence strive in further mining and analysing data, thereby increasing the demand for data-scientists.
  2. Content management with AI: With global giants like Wibbitz offering SaaS (Software as a service) platform to convert written content into video, and CBS using AI to develop content; this trend to use AI to generate more media is only natural.
  3. Predictive Analysis: It is a known fact that Facebook uses statistical modelling to assist machines in making informed decisions regarding what should appear on your page next. This is computed based on your latest interests, search engine results, geographic profiling, relationship status to name a few. Peer-to-peer networking will further help in having even small and medium scale industries harness this collective power using advanced AI programs.
  4. Smart living: With the reception to devices like Alexa, Google Home, Apple Airpod it is evident that smart assistants using voice technology are popular. This will further surge the use of these assistants to be integrated with mobile devices, computers and even home appliances.
  5. Self-driving automobiles: Tesla was the first to launch a self-driven vehicle having automakers like Audi release their own counterparts of the same. As reported, Goldman Sachs expects self-driven vehicles will cause 25,000 truckers to lose their jobs, however this is also envisioned to reduce accidents, manage traffic bottlenecks and generally improve the quality of life.
  6. Smooth sailing Logistics: Amazon Robotics aims at providing warehousing solutions to minimise human intervention. Warehouses in the future will be deigned to accommodate robots that can function 24/7 even without lights.
  7. Robots for natural calamities: Developed economies are now computing technologies along with robotics to help create robots that could work in disaster management when stricken by natural or man-made calamities. Atlas was one such example of a humanoid robot developed by Boston Dynamics.
  8. Meaning to unstructured data: AI systems help bring structure to random data. In partnership with Big Data, these systems have helped create meaningful insights. Travel industry has been immensely benefited with it. The tour packages, discounts, seasonal offers are suggested based on these insights. Further personalisation for optimum customer satisfaction is expected in the future.
  9. Globalisation in a click: With translating content in 43 different languages to give customers a personalised experience. It is just a matter of time till more and more companies make user experience across the globe better. Thus, AI systems will help make the world one global village

These trends show that in the future businesses would be majorly operated with the help of AI systems. From self-driven cars to automated check-ins at airports and hotels, AI empowered with insightful data mined by genius data-scientists will enable the world to operate smoothly.

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