Gig-fying Data Sciences

How Freelancers are revolutionizing Data Science Consulting?

We are living in a world where data gets generated faster, in larger volumes, from countless sources, having numerous formats, and is drastically varied in their structured-ness. Performing analytics on such data for making intelligent business decisions cannot be done solely by the generalists you have working for you. Quite naturally, the skillset required for a data scientist’s role has moved beyond asking for one set of generalists, (read in-house team) addressing all the functional domains and possessing “an analytical mind having expertise on certain BI and reporting tools”.

Enter the Gig economy for Data Sciences…

Specialism – The Missing Virtue
Having data science deliver meaningful results requires much more than what most organizations have in-house. The missing element is specialization, which nearly necessitates that you hire experts – freelancers and boutique firms who have graduated from “being a generalist” to “being a specialist” that breathes data science. These data mercenaries in their previous avatars have been mathematicians, statisticians, computer scientists and through rigorous experience in a domain have earned an expertise in building data models and the intelligent algorithms refined over years for varied analytics purposes.

In other words, these freelance, domain specific data scientists have a naturally analytical mind, sharpened with their years of statistical training, knowledge of deep/machine learning & AI, along with their expertise on various tools, programming platforms, and algorithms constituting the data science ecosystem.

What Distinguishes an Ideal Freelance Data Scientist from hiring Data Science Service Companies or Leaning on an in-house team?

  • Freelancers are available with more specific domain expertise, some of them can be an expert on IoT sensors, and others can be an expert statistician. So, these freelancers can be chosen wisely as per the business requirements.
  • The freelancers are available for shorter project tenures as well as longer tenures unlike Data Science Companies, who majorly are willing to work for longer tenures under retainership based structures.
  • One of the hidden byproducts of hiring freelance data science experts is immediate and swift delivery. These data science experts can help you squeeze more opportunities from the existing data systems coherent with the growth of your business. Freelancers are always motivated to perform an excellent job with quick turnaround time. They fully understand that it’s to their best interest when they remain reliable and exceed your expectations.
  • It is rightly said “A penny saved is a penny earned.” These freelancers are generally available at more affordable costs in contrast with hiring Data science companies.

Cogniticx – A Talent Pool of Data Scientists

Fortunately, hiring a data scientist doesn’t have to be hard or too expensive. Cogniticx helps you realize the value of your data, regardless of its source, type and complexity, to ensure you make intelligent decisions. Cogniticx curates the best talents and assists you with their analytics services at an optimal cost, ensuring complete protection for your interests and most importantly, data privacy.

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